Athens Association of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders



Athens Alzheimer Association is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 by people with dementia, their relatives and health care professionals interested in Alzheimer’s disease.

It aims to raise awareness of all forms of dementia and improve the quality of life of people with dementia and their families.

Currently the Association numbers 5500 official members, has a staff of 60 health professionals and 55 active volunteers and is run by a 7-member elected board.


Romanian Society for Support of Elderly and Sufferers with Alzheimer's Disease


Romanian Society for Support of Elderly and Sufferers with Alzheimer's Disease founded in 1992, is a humanitarian organization, non-governmental, non-profit organization, initiated by qualified medical personnel: doctors, nurses, medical students, psychologists, social workers. Patients and family members have joined gradually. Its goals are to direct intervene at Community level, mediating the relationship patient-family-society and to create modern systems of care and assistance for the elderly with mental disorders, especially neurodegenerative type.


Athlitikos Syllogos Pera (Athletic Club Pera)


Athlitikos Syllogos Pera (Athletic Club Pera) was founded in 1923. It has over 1.000 members, which with the guidance of most qualified coaches are practicing on standard training programs in the sectors of Table Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Tennis and Chess. Our club is the one that has won the most Hellenic Championships in Table Tennis over the last 40 years.


  • 18 Hellenic Championships in the A1 National Men's Championship with a 2-time impressive
  • 8 Greek Cups / Men
  • 6 Hellenic Championships in A1 National Women's Class
  • 6 Greek Cups / Women
  • 2 times winning all titles in men and women (A1 league, Greek Cup and Attica Cup)
  • Participation of our athletes in the national teams of Greece
  • Participation of our teams in European championships
  • The first Greek club that reached the final four at the European Championship Cup A.C PERA is based in a privately-owned headquarters (40, Poseidonos street, P. Faliro, Athens) and operates administrative, training and competition at the indoor Byzantine Sports Center.




BEYOGLUSPOR KULUBU DERNEGI was founded in1893 with the name "Hermes of Pera". In the early 10's, it was renamed “Pera”, but in 1923 the name “Beyoğlu Spor” prevailed because it got the name of the district “Beyoglu” in Istanbul. Beyoğluspor started its activities with football and gymnastics. Over the year’s basketball, volleyball, athletics, table tennis, weightlifting and boxing have been added to the club's activities. Many of club’s sections managed to distinguish in various competitions. Men's volleyball team, for example, has been one of the tops in Turkey in the 1940s and 1950s, and has also won the first place in the Turkish championship. The soccer team ranked fifth in the 1945 local championship of Istanbul, and in the early 1960s it was in the Turkish Super League. Many athletes have also been distinguished at international Beyoğluspor always had a remarkable success in sports field, even since 1940, queues were created by people who waited to play outside the table tennis room. In table tennis Beyogluspor is one of the most historic and well-known sports club in Turkey. At table tennis Beyoğluspor first significant success, overlooking the various friendly matches, was achieved in 1943, which is the year when the official championships began, and Beyoğluspor conquers the title of Istanbul Champion. From 1943 until today, it prepares table tennis athletes. It’s athletes in double and individual table tennis competitions have won many tournaments and championships of table tennis in various categories. In particular, the club has won 12 times the title of Turkish champion in men and 5 times in women. An athlete from the club has been declared a 2-time champion in the Mediterranean Games of table tennis. A second athlete of the club has been named third in the European Youth Championship of table tennis.


Politistikos Athlitikos Syllogos Onisilos Lakatamias


Politistikos Athlitikos Syllogos Onisilos Lakatamias is a Sports Club in the Lakatamia area with main sport Table Tennis. The main object of the club is to assist as many children or young people to meet the great world of sports. With the interaction with the sports, the coaches try to give to the young people all the required support in order to enhance the feeling of team work and cooperation in order to be able to overcome the difficulties of life. Its object is that the young people via the sports will avoid bad things. In its fully equipped club many children are trained within the day under the control of Professional Coaches. We give the possibility to all children to enhance their character and develop them. The club is participating in the 1st Division of the Cyprus League of Men and Women. Moreover, it participates on all the tournaments that are organized in Cyprus with good results. Many of its athletes are Members of the National Team of Cyprus. Onisilos’ club practicing reange from 5 to 65 years old, both men and women. Many of the Club’s Athletes have managed to get 1st Places in Cyprus in their age categories.


Bulgarian Sports Development Association-BSDA




BSDA was founded in 2010 and is a non-profit public benefit organization devoted to the development of Bulgarian sport and improving sporting culture in Bulgaria!




Cyprus Certification Company (CCC)

cccThe Cyprus Certification Company (CCC) is a Government-owned Certification Organization founded in 2001 and operating as a private company with the Government being its only shareholder. It is managed by a 7-member Board, which comprises of representatives from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism as well as from organizations of the private sector such as the Cyprus Employers and Industrialist Federation, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Technical Chamber, the Academia and the Consumers Association. CCC operates in the field of certification of management systems, certification of training programs and training and exam centers, inspection of playgrounds and playground equipment, inspection of lifts, product certification, CE marking etc. CCC also operates a training center approved by the relevant government body (the Human Resource Development Authority - HRDA) and provides training in relevant to its services subjects, and also in specialized areas as those arise from the industry’s needs.

University of Lancaster




University of Lancaster is a prestigious Higher Education Institution, providing education, conducting high quality research and engaging with the local community and outwith with consultancy and knowledge transfer projects.



SenseWorks LTD

senseworksSenseWorks is a new startup company offering innovative solutions for the smart monitoring applications market. The company is focusing on users’ needs that are not yet built into new products. Research work is focused on exploiting potential and synergies of different technologies able to support people in daily needs and activities. Starting its operations, from September 2013, the company has developed two own products, a wireless flood detector and a wireless soil moisture sensor, as well as own software for power monitoring and energy saving. The company has several installations of power monitoring hardware and with its own software offers real time information on energy consumption generally for a company and for specific equipment that is monitored separately. Company’s research team works with different wireless protocols for network setup and a number of sensors that offer handy measurements. The goal is to present low power systems able to track people behaviors and environmental data at an indoor and outdoor environment in real time. Research is also taking place for wearable non-intrusive sensors.

Innovation Acts Ltd (Innov-Acts)

innov-actsInnovation Acts Ltd (Innov-Acts) is a Cyprus-based company, established in 2016 ( Innovation Acts is a unique ICT and business consulting firm, which offers (among others) software development and business consulting services, project management and software development for services for different sectors, with particular emphasis on Security, FinTech and Industry4.0. Its consulting services are based on the founders’ expertise in IoT, BigData/AI, blockchain and Cyber-Security technologies. The consulting services of the company include business modelling, business planning and techno-economic analysis services.



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