hAlt leaflet

hAlt leaflet

The aim of the hAlt project is to raise awareness on the benefits of table tennis to the brain and older adults, to engage people with or at risk of developing Alzheimer's or Dementia in table tennis activities, and to offer specialised training while at the same time monitoring their table tennis activity levels and biosignals through wearables and an associated gamification application.

2nd Newsletter - June 2022 - hAlt Project

The curriculum for the online training program designed for the table tennis coaches have been successfully developed, encompassing eight modules, each containing approximately 20 slides. Accessible freely on the platform, the modules include a quiz after each section, with a minimum score of 80% required for successful passage. To culminate the course, participants undergo a final quiz and are tasked with presenting a case.

1st Newsletter - January 2022 - hAlt Project

Read the 1st newsletter of the project, January 2022, focusing on the work done in IO1,assessment of attitudes towards sports, quality of life, and physical activity of people with dementia.




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